EPXBody Compensation Plan Overview

EPXBody offer's a unique way to earn cash back with your membership by simply sharing your experience of EPXBody with others, it's that simple. When you share EPXBody with other's, they are placed in a way that is attached to your personal account, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions when they make a purchase or renew their membership. Simply refer others by giving out your unique website url, and if they join, we will track their orders back to your account and pay you a percentage of each sale. There are many way's to earn, and below is an overview of the top way's you can earn by referring others to the EPXBody opportunity.


Levels 1-3 Matrix Qualifier No sponsorship is required to earn on these levels. You simply need to be active in the commission month with either a minimum $40 base order or $100 three month qualifier pack.

Guaranteed Min. Check

If you personally order $40 and sponsor 4 active at $40 or more each, you are guaranteed a minimum check of $40. So even if your Matrix Pay plus Fast Start Bonus equal less than $40, this bonus will move it up to the $40 mark.

Fast Start Bonus

Earn a $20 Fast Start Bonus whenever you sign up a new member for a $40 first order.

Unlimited Re-Entries

Earn a Re-Entry when you sponsor 4 people. Plus, you can activate it at any time, and it will be placed in the next available position in your 4x3 matrix. In order to activate a Re-Entry, you just need to place another qualifying order.

What’s more, you can earn Unlimited Re-Entries by sponsoring 4 more people under an existing Re-Entry. All Re-Entries need a qualifying order.

Please Note that each position can earn only 1 Re-Entry. For example, if you sponsor 12 people under your original position, you only earn 1 Re-Entry. In order to earn more Re-Entries, you need to activate a Re-Entry and then sponsor 4 under that position.

4x3 Forced Matrix

With our 4x3 Forced Matrix
You earn 5% on the 1st Level
You earn 5% on the 2nd Level
You earn 20% on your 3rd Level

You can earn up to 3 levels.

Run-time matrix compression

With run-time compression you get paid on your 3 levels only for those that are active in your group. This is done to maximize your earning potential as inactive members for any given commission month will not go against your level count.