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EPX Body is the ultimate home-based business for anyone who wants to get healthier and wealthier. It's so simple and fun! That's because we offer people the opportunity to purchase premium healthy lifestyle products – that they want and need – at a discount. Plus, they can make money by introducing others to EPX Body so they too can look, feel, and perform their best. And to ensure our members' success, we provide all the tools and training they need to reach their goals and build a successful EPX Body home business.

In fact, we guarantee that you will be earning at least $1000 a month within your first six months if you follow our system or we will refund your money on your product purchases! That's how much we believe in our program…and in you!

Not only are we confident that our products can transform your physical health, but we also know there is an urgent need for people to improve their financial health as well. Which is why we are also intently focused on helping our members quickly and easily make extra money in their spare time so they can change the financial position for them and their family! Not to mention, less stress and more money puts your body in a position to thrive as it is intended to do!

How can I make money with EPX Body?

Earn from multiple sources of income!

Our company is built completely on referrals like you. So we will pay you generously for sharing your EPX Body experience with others and helping the business grow. In fact, you can get your products for FREE by enrolling as few as four people. And, as your team continues to grow, you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month…all based on a simple monthly purchase of products everyone wants and needs, and that most people are already using (but – unlike with EPX Body – spending hundreds of dollars on every month without getting any results).

You can make a great part-time or full-time income in your spare time with your own EPX Body home business. We'll show you how. No experience is needed to start! When you sign up for EPX Body, we provide everything you need to experience success as independent distributor, including a professional turnkey marketing system and personalized websites as well as free training, support, and resources.

Our lucrative compensation plan has an incredible industry-leading business model behind it, with a unique combination of ways to earn that help you start seeing profit quickly with our bonuses as well as build a sustainable weekly and monthly residual income. We take seriously the goal of helping you achieve true financial security.

How do I get paid to lose weight?

Get paid up to $10 per pound lost!

It's true! We are giving the average person a simple yet powerful way to get in shape, feel great, and actually get paid to do it. Do you – or someone you know – want or need to lose weight and get healthy? Now it can finally become a reality! And we'll reward you for making it happen!

As part of our mission to positively impact the lives – and health – of our members, we host a 90-day healthy living challenge in which participants are paid based on the amount of weight they lose – up to $10 per pound lost! Everyone is a winner in the EPX Body Challenge… everybody wins a prize no matter how much weight they lose. All you have to do is set your start date, fill out the entry form, use one of the proven EPX Body products, and then submit your results at the end of 90 days.


This challenge has already been so successful with testimonials flooding in from everyday people losing 25 to 60 or more pounds in just three short months! Learn more about the EPX Body Challenge.

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