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To help members meet their goals, EPX Body offers two types of accounts:

  • Preferred Customers are those who just want to save on our premium healthy lifestyle products and/or participate in the healthy living challenge.
  • Independent Distributors want to maximize their EPX Body account and promote our products – as well as our health and wealth building opportunity – to earn bonuses and make money from our lucrative compensation plan. This provides a way for anyone to sign up as an affiliate and generate a great income by sharing their experience with EPX Body, referring others to the products, and so much more.

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Independent Distributors are individuals who want to build a business and make money with EPX Body.  You will receive your own EPX Body replicated turnkey website to promote your business as well as be placed into our pay plan system. 

  • Multiple ways to earn money
  • Refer others and build your team
  • Personalized turnkey websites
  • Marketing & business resources
  • Plus, save on product purchases

Preferred Customers are individuals who want to benefit from using EPX Body products and/or participate in the healthy living challenge without becoming a business associate. Preferred Customers can take advantage of great prices and discounts, special offers, and order any time.

  • Access to the full product line
  • Great discounts on all products
  • Order tracking back office access
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