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The EPX Body Challenge is a 90-day healthy living contest in which everyone can win and participants are judged on the quality of their outer as well as inner transformation.

We are giving the average person a simple yet powerful way to get in the best shape of their life and get paid to do it.  Instead of hiring a big-time celebrity to be our spokesperson, we wanted real endorsements from real people…people just like you…and we will pay them up to $10 for every pound they lose using our awesome products!  That's how much we believe in our program. 

This challenge has already been so successful that it is getting recognition all over the world with testimonials flooding in of everyday people losing 25 to 60 or more pounds in just 90 days!

In just a short three-month period, people – just like you – are experiencing a dynamic whole body change…resulting in a stronger and leaner body, increased confidence and motivation, and a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  All you have to do is set your start date, submit your information to us, use one of the proven EPX Body products, and then submit your results at the end of your 90 days.

No matter how many other diets and weight-loss programs you may have tried, with EPX Body you can finally reach your weight-loss and body transformation goals.  That's because we are tirelessly dedicated to developing premium, all-natural products – formulated with the finest ingredients, backed by science, and designed to help you achieve real, lasting results. And on top of our incredible all-natural products, we have a complete success guide including information on diet and exercise as well as a journal for tracking your results. 

There's a better way to live, and people all over the world are discovering it.  Now you can too!

To find out how you can get started in the EPX Body 90-Day Challenge TODAY, contact an EPX Body Independent Distributor.  And be sure to ask how you can get your EPX Body product for FREE! 

Everyone Wins!  Prizes, prizes, and more prizes!

Everyone can be a winner in the EPX Body Challenge! Depending on how much weight you lose during your 90-day challenge, the prizes are as follows:

* Participants may enter the EPX Body Challenge more than once; however, each participant must complete a full consecutive 90-day challenge in order to be eligible to get paid on a per pound basis and before entering into another challenge round. 

You too can look and feel your best!
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